Monday, September 27, 2010

Men are equally annoying wherever you are in the world

You know these people who feel they can just say a thing or two about your life, without knowing you and without you even asking to? Wise-asses. When this happens in the Netherlands it's bad enough to come up with a snappy reply, but in a language you don't really control it's a different thing. Unfortunately. Because this ignorant person really deserved one.

I was in the hotel lobby, changing the channel on TV because it was time for the Simpsons. No one sat there so who would miss the handball game (!) on TV anyway? As I was looking for the right channel, this complete stranger, a man (obviously) comes out and makes some remark about me not going to watch sports. As polite as I am I just smiled politely but that was before he had to say that of course we wouldn't watch the sports, we were girls.

All I could manage to get out was "Jag gillar sports!" which indeed means I like sports and I do. I bet he wasn't in the stadium last week watching the football but even if I had been able to come with something much better to say, he wouldn't have heard it because he had already left the hotel. I just can't stand this kind of stereotyping. What a loser that guy was and how it annoyed me it really affected my mood as well. The Simpsons made up for it though.