Sunday, October 17, 2010

On the train

Photography is contagious. When my sister bought her Diana F+ I bought a simple lomolitos disposable camera with red flash light. I just shot ahead, had them developped and to keep the story short, I'm now the proud owner of a Holga 35mm Pinhole camera. This sounds easier than it is. It not just takes patience and a steady hand but other skills such as removing the cap before taking a picture. I now have a gorgeous black photo, I'm sure.

I like the thrill of not having a single clue how these pictures turn out. But I also love my new freedom of not caring what anyone thinks when taking a picture. Today I was in Rotterdam (I'm writing this in the train hello technology!) and stood on the side of a tunnel in order to make a hopefully stunning picture of a sky high building Rotterdam is famous for. But I also plucked the courage to ask a funny dressed man which was for an exhibition of the city if I could take a picture of him and if he wanted to hold for at least 10 seconds, as it was a pinhole. He did not mind and showed interest which was really so very lovely of him. It was just a very nice meeting with this man in a tight red white striped catsuite, with hood, and black tie.

I really should thank my sister for this.