Friday, April 8, 2011

Hyped in the UK, loved in the NL?

I often think I live in the wrong part of the world. The more I read about the nineties and the North West of the USA, the more I wished I lived there. But, I don't. I live in the Netherlands and got to do with what there is right here. Is there an exciting music scene in the Netherlands? Are the Dutch, generally, keen on punk and alternative and the indie? I often say no. The Dutch are known to be jolly and openminded but that openmindness is something of the past anyway. But taste in music? I wouldn't say they generally have. But it's an interesting thing to investigate.

All the hypes and trends from the UK are of course also heard here. The Dutch alternative press hears the praises coming from the UK. I always wonder whether these shabby guitar bands or the newest wave of New Wave bands are something for the Dutch market. Racing through the second hand department of the no. 1 indie record store in Amsterdam (Concerto) could probably have taught me that they probably aren't. As press you can hype a band so much, but I found most of these CDs in the second hand department. Bought buy a cool kid hoping to be cool and ahead of his or her friends but disappointed by the music from that album. The average Dutch kid doesn't understand. Why do you sound so bored? So cold? And I don't understand a single word you are saying.

I'm not trying to generalize here. There are of course the people who do love these bands. But to find most of the Hyped in the UK bands dumped at the second hand section is telling me something. I don't like them either, don't get me wrong, but I'm not buying it in the first place. Will the cool kids ever learn? But what does the Dutch hipster like? I agree that it isn't important, like what you want and enjoy it to the fullest, but I can't help but being curious.