Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflection on 2010, new hobbies, less bands.

Last day of the year, always a good one to look back right? It's the oldest cliché in the book of course, I'm trying to be a little original here but I'll probably fail.

isn't she pretty?Favourite new hobby:
Lomography. Analogue love if you please. I've always loved taking pictures. With my digital camera I already shot a lot of pictures and since a few months I finally have a mobile phone which takes excellent pictures as well. But Lomography is something else, taking pictures with an analogue camera, plastic cameras, replicas of the cheap models of the 60s which have no limits to your creativity. Where a digital camera will instantly adjust your image, analogue won't. With Lomography you shoot from unusual angels, use multiple exposures if you please, play with light, there are no rules! When my sister bought her Diana F+, which holds a 120mm film and produces breath-taking results, I bought a disposable camera with red flash. A new hobby is born. So far I own a Holga Pinhole camera (35mm), Diana F Mini (35mm), a Fisheye (35mm and my favourite toy at the moment, I must mention it's pink!) and a Diana F+ (120mm, the Edelweiss edition) and I always try to take a disposable camera with me. Bringing away the films and especially picking them up is a little party. Best new thing I took on this year and something I will take into the new year for sure.

Favourite new music discovery:
Of course there was the birth of Wild Flag and knowing that 2011 will produce at least two albums with Janet Weiss is something to be really excited about. But my favourite music discovery is Marina and the Diamonds. Her appearance this year went a little unnoticed by me. I knew she was out and about but that was about it. But it took a live concert to open my eyes, which happened a few years back with Kate Nash as well. The second Marina stepped on stage she got me. She is real, the songs are amazing, Marina is amazing.

Regret of the year:
Listening to new bands. There are thankfully exceptions to this, but do I regret to test-listen to a lot of new bands this year. This is the new shit, this is such a great band, so inventive and creative. Most of the times these descriptions caused my ears to bleed. I rather miss out on a good band than ruin my good mood with awful music. Stop thinking you're better than the 80s. Plug in your microphone. Label your music if you must with something that's actually true. Using drugs is not making your band appear cooler. Play music you actually like. Then we'll talk.

Music hero of the year:
This can't be any other than the person who's music and other work I love since a little girl and having seen for the first time this year. Ernst Jansz. His show was a big ode to Bob Dylan who's songs he had translated for his latest album. I do not like Dylan. But this show was interesting and entertaining just by the way he did it. And not just that, I met him. Meeting your childhood idol is something amazing. And he was amazing. One of the best moments of 2010.

2011 is looking good as wellFavourite reunion:
Reunions have been plenty this year but my favourite must have been Pavement. Seeing these guys play live was a true treat. It was still early enough in the year for them to at least display the joy they had in playing together again. To see the King of Slackers in action himself was a treat. Malkmus played his guitar with such ease and almost disinterest, just wow. Another happy reunion this year was the one of former Sleater Kinneys Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss. New band but oh wow. Bring it on for 2011! Which is to say as well for Malkmus current band, the Jicks.

Favourite trip abroad to see a band:
It was only one this year but it was of the best. I went to London by myself in July taking the fast train. I had to start the trip a day early because on the actual travel day, the Dutch national football team was being honoured in Amsterdam and there was no way getting OUT of the town. Hmmpppfffff... In London I met up with my sister and we had an amazing time in London, I had forgotten how London is a great city with a lot of hidden secrets. The purpose of our trip were The Cribs who would play without Johnny, but the first two albums in its entirety. What a gig! Old skool to the bone, soaked in sweat, bounced as much as possible, like a Cribs gig should be.

guess who's a cat-person as well?Re-inventing the wheel moment of the year:
That wasn't such a long time ago. While listening to the radio, Top 2000 obviously, I made the most pointless statement of the year. "You know, just like you have cat-people and dog-people, you also have Rolling Stones-people and Beatles-people". At the time I said it I felt like I had just made the most clever comment ever, but of course even I had to admit that everyone knows (me included) that this is the case ever since the 60s, which makes this statement really pointless. I'm a Beatles-person, in case you're interested.