Wednesday, January 26, 2011

People, get a (vintage) grip!

"Oh my god, will you look at that? He had tapes, I mean, TAPES, when he was a little kid." I know it's cool to be a vintage whore (is it? I'm not really up to date to things cool, and hip for that matter) and to listen to TAPES is oh so marvelously vintage and damn, don't we all love a good old mixtape.

I love tapes too, I do. I got a few left from when I was a kid/teenager and bought some on a record fair a few years back. All in the name of nostalgia. I would love nothing more than make genuine mixtapes and send them out to people. Problem is, who still has a cassette deck?

My sole and only point writing this is: look, if a thirty-something tells you they found their old collection and you scream out "OH MY GOD, TAPES!", it just makes me think 'how much of a retard are you?'. It's all vintage and cool now, but back in the days, it was all we had because LPs were expensive to buy with our pocket money. Every person over thirty owned tapes. We're sorry for being cool by the faith of time.