Sunday, January 9, 2011

A vintage feeling

Thanks to the internet we often have already heard the albums we've bought. It's not a bad thing, you at least know that what you bought is good, but the magic of cycling home with an LP, hoping that it will stay unscratched until you're home is a little lost. Also, the CD has taken care of that issue already.

The unthinkable happened yesterday. I found two LPs, that's these big, heavy, black round vinyl things with grooves in them, of Quasi. The turn up of about 50 people last May when they played in Amsterdam massively surprised me, who in the Netherlands does know about the band Quasi? I'm one of those 50 and how do I know them you may ask? The internet of course so I'm not dissing the internet by one bit. Only the nostalgia is a bit lost. But there, two albums! As if a light shown down from the heavens on these albums and angels were singing hallelujah. I do not have a poker face so the salesperson behind the counter knew very well he made one person very happy that day.

There was something extra special about these albums, dating from 1999 and 2001. One was completely unknown to me. I knew they released that album but I had never heard it. So today, it was like 1987 again. I took the vinyl out of the sleeve, placed it carefully on the record player and softly put the needle into the grooves. And while cutting my photos into a nice square (talking about vintage activities) I heard 'The sword of god' for the very first time. On an actual music carrier. Just like the music gods have always meant it to be.