Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Because I'm way cooler than that

Let's talk about 'Old Skool keeping it real, I don't like anything after the first demo'* fans for a second. You know the kind. Long before a gig is announced they have everyone know they by no means are going for front row because they're too good for that, only to queue hours before the doors open, run to the bar and have a loud drink with other 'holier than thou' fans only to reclaim a front spot during the gig by obnoxiously pushing other fans away, calling it moshing and having a good time and boast after the gig about their bruises, injuries and puking over the pavement (not the band). Every band has them. You can say all you want about the fangirls (and fanboys alike) with their cameras giggling their way through meeting a bandmember / crewmember / support band / bus window cleaner, at least they're honest. They like the band and they're not ashamed to show it. Annoying as that may be for other fans and band alike, at least they're not pretending to be something they're not.

I will never understand why people queue only to dash to the bar first. I will never understand why fans think they own the front spaces even though they only come to the stage when the band is on. I will never understand why you need to show off loudly when you do know that old song the band is playing. I will never understand why you need to shout the names of the crew when they're setting up.

But what I really will never understand why you have to tell with every release that you prefer the first album or their even earlier days. If you don't like anything as much as the first fart the band let out, why still bother? If album after album you don't like it that much, give it up. The band will not go back to recording that same old fart over and over again. Interests change. People change. Bands change. At least, that's the healthy way. So, give it up. Don't patronise the fan who does like the new release. Don't patronise the fan who prefers to stand in front row (some of us are only 5'6"). Don't patronise the band for evolving after they released their first album. Either own up that you too like the new stuff and enjoy it or shut up and let it be. There's no shame in stop liking a band if they go for a direction you're not interested in. But if that direction is releasing real albums on a real label and getting a little bit more successful, I do have the right to pity you.

* quote by Gary Jarman, feb 2007 on myspace. He meant to address his own old-school fans. He's a hero.