Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Kaizer's empire will fall down, it will fall down.

It's the sad ballad of anyone who loves a band. There will be a point in your life that this band will end. No more new albums, no more tours. No more. Up until the time this band runs out of cash, but that's another story. Let's just asume that when a band calls it a day, it's over. The end. Finito. And even though you know bands come and go, that there are other bands in the sea, the world won't end, every ending of a band is a heartbreaking affair for any fan.

I had my first favourite band in 1981 and have been through numerous band-endings with various reason such as breaking up due to popularity of the band, band members fighting, dying, running out of inspiration, not feeling up for it anymore, you name it, it has happened. A band member dying always has a double effect, any break up of a band hits hard. No more new music, no more gigs. It's a tough thing to swallow.

But what happens when you know that the band you like has just released an album, will be releasing another two albums, is touring and really don't hate each other at all, make it known that in two years it's over. 2013 it's going to be all over. That's in two years, you know that now already. What is that all about?

It's weird and a little unreal. It makes you aware of that you need to enjoy that show because it might be the last, in fact, it'll be one of the last. You know that. I've left a show thinking 'wow, is this the last gig ever?' (known as Gary-Gate), I've been to shows where months later the band announces a 'break', I've been to reunion shows assuming it's the last gig I'll ever go to see them. This is different. There's two more years, two more years of two new albums, new tours, two more years of regular fan behaviour. Or isn't it?

It hasn't sunk in yet but Kaizers Orchestra will be no more after 2013. A band active and about more than ever. This is their grand finale. And they're doing it with a bang. With a final trilogy. The Kaizers very last story. It really hasn't sunk in yet. But I will be try and enjoy it to the max.