Monday, February 14, 2011

Huh what? Really? They did it again! Radiohead who is.

Okay, obviously even I was aware that Radiohead were working on 'something'. You never know when this will be released, if it will be released. Will we pay for it, do we have to pay for it, can we actually listen to it, is it listenable? Questions oh questions and when you think mwah Radiohead Schmadiohead, who cares, they were amazing in the 90s, did some good experimenting and have released the occasional really good album. And are they pretentious or just doing their own thing. Just when you think you couldn't care less what they're doing, they do this:

And then you realise. Crap, I do care.

Applaud them for keeping it a secret and excellent marketing skills. They've just announced they're going to release their new album digitally THIS SATURDAY and the truly beautiful 'newspaper format' (two vinyls and one CD, I think, proably with loads of amazing artwork, my brain hasn't registered that part yet) in May with the 'normal' CD out on March 28. This Saturday! Love them, worship them, hate them and do not care for them. You gotta admit, to surprise launch this is pretty amazing. And clever, very clever.