Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hello, Kill Rock Stars!

It's International Women Day today. You can think about it what you want, sadly a lot of people think it's something like giving your girlfriend some roses or something. It's not Valentine's Day! It's a day to think about how women all over the world still aren't treated equal to men. Women are being stoned to death because she was raped. A baby girl in China is often abandoned. Women should walk a few step behind their men. Women are married off. In less extreme cases and in our modern world women are paid less for work, still looked at as sex symbols and lust objects. Girls don't rock, men do.

This entry isn't about this actually, but it's an introduction to why Women's Day is there. It's emancipation women (and men!) have fought for and are still fighting for. Men too, yes. Because not all men are acting like they rule the world (aka remote control) simply because they are men. No, this entry is a big Shout Out to the record label Kill Rock Stars which started in 1991 by Slim Moon who ran the label till 2006. This label kicks some asses and then some. Why exactly they tell perfectly well on their website so I quote:

KRS's mission is to continue putting out exceptional records by important artists, and our tradition of being queer-positive, feminist, and artist-friendly continues as well. We are now distinguished by being one of the few female-run indie labels in the US, which we are proud of, but all that really means is get out there and start your record labels, ladies! (Check out our FAQ page (...) for a great guide to starting your own label). At KRS we believe in doing it yourself, and we see our job as helping bands to realize their visions. In a culture that rewards making mediocre music with a quick buck, we feel lucky that we get to work with artists who challenge mediocrity on a regular basis. Plus we love the music. Enjoy!

It is exactly therefore I want to post a few clips from recent KRS artists. And they also have men on their label of course. Please take a moment and enjoy at least a clip or two. You won't regret it. Happy International Women Day y'all!

Quasi - Little white horse, from the best album from 2010 'American Gong'.

The Thermals - I don't believe you, from the 2010 album 'Personal Life'. Get a song from Hutch Harris' 'solo' project Forbidden Friends here, for free!

Grass Widow - 11 of Diamonds, from the 2010 album 'Past Time'.

The Raincoats - Fairytale in the Supermarket. Their debut album has been re-released on KRS in 2009.

The Decemberists - Down by the water (live), from their 2011 release 'The king is dead'.

The Corin Tucker Band - Riley, from the 2010 album '1,000 years'.

Thao with the Get Down Stay Down - Cool yourself, from the 2009 album 'Know better learn faster'.