Sunday, March 6, 2011

My first Wild Flag review based on actual sound!

Ever since I know about the band Wild Flag I'm a little obsessed with that band. It started when I only knew who was in the band and they hadn't even recorded a single song, nor had they ever performed. Who's in the band? Janet Weiss. Carrie Brownstein. Mary Timony. Rebecca Cole. Four rock goddesses. This could only end well. This could only kick ass. As soon as they started performing youtube films emerged. I'm not a big fan of other people's recordings because no matter how hard you try, it's wobbly and the sound's rarely good. I watched a few clips because I needed to know if these women were really as good as they should be. It was confirmed, they were. They kicked ass. Pure rock n roll. Dirty, raw and pretty amazing. They rocked. They just rocked. I know my chances to ever see them live are slim but it didn't stop me loving this band more.

The band will release a 7" for Record Store Day. This annoys me. Because considering the band is worshipped by a certain group, that group isn't very big, I don't think the European press even knows this band exist or they don't understand what the Big Deal is. It's American Alternative Rock I suppose and that doesn't do well in Europe. (Kings of Leon is NOT American alternative rock). So the chance that I will ever get my hands on that record are about zero. But since Friday 04-03-2011 at least one song is streamed online. 'Glass Tambourine' is the first studio recording we ever hear from Wild Flag. Are they worth the obsession? The adoration? The anticipation? Well, Hell Yeah!

'Glass Tambourine' starts with nice vocal harmonies, almost sweet (yet raw) guitar, a tambourine and has a bit of a nice 60s pop feel to it. Then after a few minutes the song breaks. There's an a-capela bit (supported by an interesting bass-line) which leads into a mean guitar outburst with killer drums and other great sounds. It gets dark and psychedelic. It roars, it rocks and it kills. Roll over Jimi Hendrix, what a guitar sound! This is how rock was intended to sound. The band did everything except disappoint and with the high expectations, that's quite an accomplishment.

I love Wild Flag. I've played this track over and over again. I also admit to pretty much crappy record it from the internet, the quality of my recording is pretty lousy but at least it's on my walkman now. The album is to be expected in September and the waiting will be long. I will get that album. Wild Flag has managed to become one of my favourite bands and now with actual audio proof. I trust these girls. They absolutely rock. They are an inspiration as well. Thank you for being Wild Flag.