Monday, March 28, 2011

A real girl's opinion about the Real Girls Show

There's a new TV show in the Netherlands with the sole purpose of entertaining the public with the stupidity of the people participating. They put a bunch of so-called bimbos, girls who have been on TV before in shows where they transform from misbehaved bitches into ladies, contestors of ridiculous dating show Take me Out and other shows where you question the sanity of mankind. The show puts these girls in the jungle of Suriname. Oh jolly good fun.

The trailer of the show shows the 'babes' arriving with loads of suitcases, sexy bikinis, nail polish, earrings and whatever 'babes' bring to a summer vacation. These girls need to survive in the jungle. One of the girls defends her suitcase and belongings. "Oh come on, it's the jungle, not the bush-bush." To give you another idea of the people in this show. "Famous people from Suriname? Nelson Mandela is one, right?" says another contestor with a face as if she really had to think long and hard about that. These girls are portrait as dumb as donkey shit, only caring about appearances and without any skills whatsoever. Oh, and they screech so nicely and a lot. Of course. Top class entertainment right? Dumb blond bimbos without a clue in the jungle of Suriname. And what do you call a show like that? Well, of course:

Real Girls in the Jungle

Real girls? Real girls?? So real girls are dumb, screech when they see a tweak looking like a snake, only caring about how they look and think boys will take care of everything for them?? And it's fun? Did my grandmother burn her bra for this?

The Animals Protection Agency put out a complain against the show as they had to kill a chicken with a stick and a blunt knife. Much to hysterical reactions obviously. That's no way to kill a chicken, let alone the stress the chicken had to go through with the girls. I can agree with Animal Protection.

But I feel that we women should step up and complain as well. Calling this Real Girls is displaying all women as being weak and dumb and dependend. I would even question if the girls in the shows really are as big of bimbos as they are displayed at. A girl who takes the lead and makes a decent camp isn't in one way entertaining of course. Then we'd watch Expedition Robinson. Shows like these keep women down. Have them displayed as fun objects. I mean, really, 40 years of feminism, why do we keep putting up with this? Why do women still allow this to happen? To them. To us. I'm going to write a complaint to RTL5 regarding this show. Give me time to find the right words. But what Animal Protection can do, so can I, as a woman.

To be continued? (and shame on Quintis Ristie for participating as well)