Friday, March 4, 2011

Your daily news fix or do we really want to know?

Oh wonders of Twitter! Thanks to following Ricky Wilson I've been informed about this article in the Sun. I never surf to the Sun, I only click links with a frowned eyebrow wondering what the fuck this will be about. And this was no exception.

Because you see, The Sun has discovered that Robbie Williams is human. Robbie has put on some weight and got some grey hairs. Robbie Williams is married and 37 years of age.
Apparently Robbie Williams playing charity football with a tummy and grey hair is headline news. It really makes me wonder, the entire article is one lame word joke after the other as if the 'journalists' of the Sun have written out a compitition who could possible put the most lame (word) jokes in one article and this one won. Congratulations.

Leave the guy alone. Hate him, love him, he had a pretty nice solo career and now, somehow someone talked him into playing with Take That again. He loves being in stage so let him be, it looks good on him, even with Take That. Does the world really need to read about his grey hair? Are we really interested? Of course we're not. But we know these things and form an opinion about it. Or not. It left one question for me, unanswered:

Why was I following Ricky Wilson on Twitter again?